Every Creative Thought

Every Creative Thought Rod Jones Artist

Every Creative Thought 

Every creative thought you ever had won’t be lost. The deep recesses of your mind is a biological gift to all creatures especially man. I for one obsessed over lost creative ideas, waking up in the middle of the night scribbling notes by the light of a dim candle… well actually more like entering those thoughts on my mobile phone while trying to keep it hidden under the sheets to prevent the annoying light from waking up my beloved spouse. Just to conceive the title of this post came from idly listening to Spotify music on my headset. I personally dumped Apple Music, besides poor quality, they seem to have it in for those of us that like classical music.Yes, I’m sidetracked, must be some of those less than creative thoughts popping in.

But just a thought to build on. Those things that linger in our gray or sometimes grayish matter we all rely on to make decisions may be the key for hidden creative thoughts, that’s assuming we are not letting our thoughts be muddled by all the adversarial self sabotaging strawman we create. Just think millions of creative thoughts our hidden gems just waiting to see the light of conscious thinking, triggering even more thoughts being pulled up to the surface like a group of mountain climbers all tied together with the proper spacing and everyone focusing on the peak. You and I couldn’t do worse things to our creative thoughts, but let’s not dwell.

I once listened to a very famous writer say that he would wake up in the middle of the night with brilliant creative ideas and immediately write them down but as the quality of his writing improved and after many successes he stopped taking those lonely hours of the day notes. He proclaimed that if the idea was good enough it would resurface to be used in the perfect setting as intended. Which I believe gives credence to my humble idea that creative thoughts our never lost. They resurface in the most splendid form when the muse deems it so.

Creative thinking is pivotal to our successes in life, you don’t have to be an artist. Without creative thinking there would be no great novels, no great music, no inventions and no repair man that knows how to fix your toilet.

Keep your minds eye open, the vault is as big as any computer could be. No Ai required and the wonderful news it’s always with you.