Omnium-gatherum Omnium-gatherum | Oil on hardboard | Rod Jones Artist

Omnium-gatherum: A miscellaneous collection of thoughts and ideas on creativity. Brought to you by my fictitious friend, that I will call Tony.

Creativity is like an overwritten novel paragraph that lacks meaningful punctuation. Much is said, but little makes sense. Creativity is one long run-on of tangible and intangible words wrapped up in a collection of multiple meanings.

Tony says, “Is there any merit?” With his indulgence: I will add more words to the controversial litany by simply stating. “There is no creativity without some form of recognition.”

What about color and its use in creativity? Tony says, “It doesn’t exist without light.” My answer to that is, “What is light without creativity in its sight?”

Do you think creatively? Tony, my friend, says unequivocally, “Yes, no, and maybe.” What he means is, “No one can see into the mind from the outside, and very few can be unaffected creative thinkers.”

Is creativity esoterically quirky? Tony fires back, “Are you kidding me? What else could it be?” “Well, in my way of thinking, how about… Ah… maybe phantasmagoric, like this goofy word.”

Do you think creativity is an empty chair? Tony laughs as he responds, “Only if you’re sitting in it.”

Tony, getting tired of this psychotically balmy conversation, says, “There are two words that should be used to describe all creativity everywhere.” “And they are quantum mechanics.” “Okay, my fictitious made-up friend Tony.” “What does that really mean?” Tony locks his fingers together pointing, his two index fingers up into the sky. He is making a church with his two hands and points upwards as he replies. “Quantum mechanics, in all its various forms of research, suggests that quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time.” Interestingly enough, they can come and go. They can disappear and reappear somewhere else. These particles have no boundaries, and yet they make up everything from the smallest small, to the largest large. Creativity can be like these particles. It comes and goes as it pleases. It’s never stationary; it’s constantly in flux. Change is optimized neither here nor there. Creativity like these particles of matter, has no boundaries.

“Thank you for that, Tony. I was in serious doubt that creativity was anything more than an emotional response to inside and outside stimulation, and I agree with you it’s a form of omnium-gatherum like a miscellaneous collection of thoughts.

Tony leaves the conversation, and he goes back to being a collection of free radical particles racing through the universe. But I suspect he will come back someday.

If you would like to ask Tony a nonsensical question about creativity, just let me know. I will wrap it up in an audio wave and point it out into the deepest recesses of the universe. Then I will reach out to SETI for their hailing frequency. And when we receive an answer from Tony, I will forward it to you.