Juxtaposed Dreamer

Juxtaposed Dreamer Rod Jones artist Community | Oil on canvas | Rod Jones artist

Juxtaposed Dreamer: The silence in the mind was broken by a rush of thoughts, as if that could ever be a reality in a disquieting sleep. The minutes built the hours, daunting and discomposing, methodical and rational deliberations.

The paragraph above is a testament of a juxtaposed dreamer. As we live our lives constructed of free will, there is a demon in the shadows of our thoughts that derives great pleasure in dancing around in our restless sleep, confessing to confuse.

To settle an unquieted mind and to oppress the litany of random thoughts, invocate meditative prayers.

Enough of the verbosity. Your mind, and my mind, more often than not, has a mind of its own and it seems to have a grand time when we’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Squish those thoughts with positive affirmations, and before you know it, you will move into a settled dream state where you can explore creative thoughts and ideas.

“Spend your thoughts judiciously,

improvident thinking robs the soul.”


Rod Jones artist writer