Inspiration… It’s All In Your Head

Inspiration… It’s All In Your Head: Why do so many creative people need to go outside of their own thinking to be inspired? More often than not, it was a learned behavior taught to us, but by whom? The number one question creative people are always asked is, “What was your inspiration?” Of course, you’re compelled to give some sort of answer even if it’s malarkey, but you make it sound deeply felt and esoterically fashionable.

Personally, I rarely travel outside of my mind when looking for inspiration. It wasn’t something I had to teach myself. It always seemed natural. Are my inspirations that materialize inside my mind are especially brilliant? Hardly. But I derive a great deal of pleasure knowing that it’s my principal source of inspiration in every form of creativity I explore.

If you don’t already rely on your thoughts to create innovatively, give it a try. You will be astonished at what will evolve. Surprisingly it all happens rather quickly. Once you plant the seed, creative ideas will flourish within your own thoughts. Please let me know if it works for you. I’ve asked others, especially artists, if they create their own inspirations in their heads. The answers generally reflect an outside inspiration, like nature or, believe it or not, something they saw on social media or TV.

To truly be original and authentic, use that amazing gift you have between your ears for inspiration. It’s wisely discerning and will pull you out of whatever creative doldrums you face.

“It was hard to say yes to my own creative thoughts. But once self-possession of my artistic goals began to take shape within my mind, the outcome was filled with reverence and awe,

imaginativeness resided there.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer