Bon Mots

Bon Mots - Rod Jones Artist-Writer

Bon Mots: The hidden witticism that resides within. I suspect what I’m about to say will be tough to believe. But here’s the truth about this painting, or at least one of the truths. When I completed this artwork, and sat down to take a gander at the painting, something that I often do. My normal thinking goes along the direction of composition and colors. Is it interesting? This time it was altogether different. Within a matter of seconds, for some reason, the thoughts I had were wrapped up in an opera. The opera was Pagliacci which means clowns. There are many renditions of this famous opera. While I was scanning the painting and bemusing myself in the Pagliacci opera, at least in my conscience thinking, who should enter my thoughts, but no other than one of the most famous opera singers ever; in my opinion, and that would be, Luciano Pavarotti. He performed the lead in this opera with his usual colossal talent. 

You may be wondering what the heck is in this painting that would foretell an opera and Pavarotti. At first, it was a mystery to me, and then it became humorously clear. It was the two pink shapes at the top of the characters. It reminded me, in a strange way, of the costume virtually all of the performers who performed the lead in this opera wore.

The shapes, also in a fashion, brought to my mind the actual story that is told in the opera lyrically. In spite of Pagliacci’s meaning clowns, the opera itself is about a murder. The history of this opera is fascinating to read. You may want to check it out with a little bit of research on your end. It’s always good to push thoughts and ideas beyond our comfort zone. Apparently, this is what I did when I sat before my painting Bon Mots.

“Sensibilities betray the obtainable

in our creative thoughts.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer