I Think You Are Great

I Think You Are Great Rod Jones Artist

Without trying to sound like Fred McFeely Rogers  AKA Mr. Rodgers

Which would not be bad… I want to say that there’s a formidable number of brilliantly creative people showing their work on social media. I I think we are often so busy promoting ourselves that we don’t take time to appreciate the hard work and talent we see. Yes we make comments and splash emojis all over social media letting them know with clapping hands that we like what we see, but unfortunately we often do that just to encourage them to like our work. Well this post from me is to sincerely recognize how incredibly talented so many of you are, and thank you for taking the time to create the work (I know how hard that can be) and sharing your masterpieces.

Stay beautifully creative and wonderful my very talented artist friends.

Respectfully… Rod Jones Artist