Conductor Using A Baton in a Stravinsky’s Firebird Symphony

Conductor's Baton Rod Jones Artist

Conductor’s Baton

Oil on Canvas

Tap,Tap,Tap… do I have your attention? So let’s begin, start in the beginning of the third movement The cello’s need to be more robust The French horns need to come in two seconds earlier you’re falling off way too soon we need a malonic  fade. PERCUSSIONIST please please you are unpitched… Violins and violas the gentle passage in the score requires is steady rhythm come on ladies and gents read music as it was written. That bassoons and the contra bassoon just like you held your pitch in the first movement repeat repeat… clarinets and oboe’s what can I say… Piccolos and flutes I’m glad you showed up today.

This Music score relies HEAVENLY on  the harps but nobody ever gives the Harpist a bad time it’s spiritually not sound.

This painting reflects the flamboyant gestures and movements of the conductor’s baton, the Staccato and the temperamental mood enhancing roll… directing the orchestra into a rhapsody of sound sending the audience into ecstasy.

And all and all confined in a theatrical border almost stage like preventing the fulsome movements of the Baton from leaving and  fading away into some forgotten chimera.

The music score? “The Firebird” of course by Igor Stravinsky.