How I Create

How I Create Rod Jones Artist

In a recent article posted on Medium Jerry Saltz the Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine, stated that artists need to be authentic. Especially when describing how they create their artworks. So, taking a cue from Mr. Saltz, I created this post. As you can read it’s an abbreviated tome of my self prescribed thoughts on what takes place before, during and after everytime I put paint to canvas. I would love to hear how you describe your innermost creative thoughts. You can always make a comment below.

“It’s an ebb and flow of color, shapes and sensualists meanderings brought forth from an unknown territory. Somewhere buried in the recesses of the mind. It speaks harmoniously to those who love to see into the imaginary world.”

And this is how I create. At least for now. Maybe as I mature as a person and as an artist much more will be revealed.

Rod Jones Artist