Giverny Stream

Giverny Stream Rod Jones Artist

Giverny Stream

Painting is the art of imaginary bliss. Monet created a blissful garden which was to his delight  A never ending source of inspiration.

Consider this for a moment, what if his mind’s eye imagined the Lily Ponds in all their splendor and painted only from his abstract memories, his artworks all though very well executed would then become immensely original and not a documentation. They might just as well have been created with a camera which can capture subtle nuances. No real imagination necessary.

So take away the gardens, the Lily Pond and subscribe thyself to Visual thinking where one’s painting only with abstract shapes and profound uses of pigments which can, and I say hopefully, create enjoyment for the doing and the seeing of all who dare.

If you are a writer and many of my social media friends are then you can paint Monet’s Lily Pond with your own wonderful creative words. If you have not seen the gardens and the pond paintings of the Lilies then you can always Google it.  Better yet just create your own imaginary water lilies, describing it so… using words to describe vivid imaginary colors and words that describe the reflections, sun dancing on the water making sparkly patterns in the bubble sheets and let the descriptive eight parts of speech flow onto your Moleskin notebook penciling NOUNS and all the way to  INTERJECTIONS and for you peculiarly verbose writers and you know who you are… you can describe my painted interpretation of Monet’s garden.

On my website where I invite you to make comments. And there you’ll also find me attempting to describe the work.

It’s an ebb and flow of color, shapes and sensualists meanderings brought forth from an unknown territory somewhere buried in the recesses of the mind. It speaks harmoniously to those who love to see into an imaginary world…

Rod Jones Artist