Fanfare for Creativity

Fanfare | Rod Jones Artist

Fanfare for creativity: A celebratory event, not when you win the ribbon for best of show, or a standing ovation for a stage performance, or when the last guest puts down his or her champagne glass and leaves the building; giving you the opportunity to bask in self adoration. I once heard that recipients of the Nobel prize often feel an extreme let down after the awards event. Go figure: that’s one for the psychologists.

Everyone loves accolades, formal or informal, we all bask in applause directed towards ourselves and our creative accomplishments. Ultimately, it’s a supplemental cure for our self insecurities, which in this time and age, seems to be readily available.

Chasing fame: there’s never enough social media claps, emojis, or written applause and adulation that will ever satisfy the vanities of sensitive creators. The artistic endeavors that come from so much undisciplined and disciplined creative efforts seems to thrive on fame and glory. Reputedly, it may be more about the character of the talent than the actual accomplishments.

If you are what you think about all day long; and you live the creative life, you may be on the quick, to instigate your own fanfare. Give it a whirl. The Instructions are easy to follow.

  1. You must like yourself: this is imperative, all too often people apologize for their imperfections. The truth is there are plenty of imperfections to go around, we call that being human. Give yourself a big fat break, you’re not perfect and you never will be! Celebrate your gifts, especially your creative gifts, they’re yours and yours alone. They can’t be taken away from you. Be prideful in all the things you do; most of the time no one‘s looking anyway. Positive self talk is cool; and it just makes you feel particularly good inside. Hear the French horns, hear the pounding of the kettle drums; the fanfare is for you and your creativity.
  2. You should never overly concern yourself about what others think of you. Be genuine, be authentic, and treat others fairly. Remember you can please some of the people some of the time, as the old adage goes, but you will never please all of the people all the time. I’ve discovered that those that are the most judgemental of others, usually are the ones who are the most messed up. Why would you ever allow their opinions about you to steal your thunder or rain on your party; make that parade! You are the master of your destiny; of course with a lot of help from the heaven above. Keep your own counsel on your thoughts and ideas. When other people speak negatively of you and your creativity, you have to be an island with an impenetrable fortress. It’s your own private fanfare zone. Tell the naysayers to keep out, post a sign: “Warning guard dog on duty.” You may never trample on my creativity.
  3. Creative self worth: You must learn to understand there is no such thing as a little amount of creativity. All creative endeavors come in large and small packages. Sum of the small ones eventually turns out to be the most major ones. You can witness that all around you,  by looking at the amazing inventions that you take for granted. Learn to understand that anything worthwhile in life, takes time; bunches and bunches of little steps. Just like when you plant a tree from an acorn, it’s amazing what that little acorn can become after a few years. You have perpetual fanfare coursing through your mind and body, let it mature into a beautiful celebration of you.
  4. Staying power: It’s difficult to maintain any consistent level of creative quality in the work you do. Persistence is the key, and comes surprisingly easy with just a little bit of practice. No one ever achieved any real creative success without a substantial amount of stick-to-itiveness. If you’re all in— the in, will make it all worthwhile. There’s nothing like the inner joy one feels when they have completed a difficult task. Creativity has plenty of difficult tasks to choose from. The rewards for your own spirited mind of completing a task gives you the inalienable right to have your own beautifully orchestrated fanfare.
  5. The end never justifies the means: Cheaters never prosper, well at least we like to think so. Unfortunately, I suspect there are many that do. You know the ones that have read the book, “Steal Like An Artist.” I call it a phony strategy to give people a free pass on dishonesty, in the world of creativity. You will never be authentic or original in your creative endeavors, if you try to take shortcuts. In your self valued creativity, you want your fanfare to be harmonious. One that ensures that your conscience is clear when you lay your head down on your pillow at night. 
  6. Self pride is not conceitedness: Boasting is never really considered to be chic. But showing pride in a job well done is a form of self gratification. Someone compliments you on your creativity; it’s perfectly OK to respond by saying, “I am particularly proud of this work, I spent many hours trying to make my vision a reality. “It’s the best I can do and I’m pretty  happy with the results.“ See that wasn’t so hard; people do respect a person with self-confidence, it makes those around them feel good knowing that hard work and achievement, rightfully deserves a sense of pride. In other words a fanfare for creativity.
  7. Celebrate your celebrations: Your life will look a lot better to you and to others, if you are happy, upbeat and positive. Yes- S**T happens to all of us. How you deal with it is a test of character, and in my way of thinking it builds knowledge. Everyone can learn from negative events in their lives. The key is to learn how to categorically, celebrate what you’ve learned, and come up with strategies not to return to that negative space. Tether your swing on the highest and most glowing of stars. You can unashamedly basque your own fanfare for creativity. 

 I will admit to a secret that only my wife and daughter know about. When they are out and about, and I am home alone, diligently working on a piece of art, and with a whole host of various forms of luck;  it evolves into something magical: I dutifully open a bottle of champagne, pull out a cheap jar of caviar, some Carr’s crackers and if I’m lucky, a hidden round of brie cheese. I take this scrumptious entrée that I so carefully laid out on our faux silver tray, to my outside perch. With the goodies in hand, I ensconce myself in the practical shade of a rather large colorful umbrella. From this vantage point, I can look out over the tops of the trees and the forest beneath. Mesmerizing myself with all this pomp, I give myself an celebratory indulgence: I call it my  personal, “ fanfare for creativity.“