Entrancement Rod Jones Artist


Oil on Canvas

Entrancing— power of three; the third eye; precognition? Nope, not even… no way. One could write a novel; one could write three novels, one could write a treatise exploring this opening line. However this will only be “tome de brièveté”. *
The challenge: A work of art deserves three insights, 1st metaphor, 2nd authenticity, 3rd spiritualness. No two individual see a work of art insync. In fact, rarely does the artist see his or her own creations with a rational eye.

My painting “Entrancement” has managed to fill my imagination with a superabundance of criss-crossing thoughts. Leading to no real homogenization of metaphorical, authenticity or spiritualization. In other words, just plain old lost. Mired in artistic self doubt. A painting desperately looking— looking for a visionary’s approval of its worth. Not in the monetary sense, but in itself, the feeling one achieves from a joyful discovery of color, shapes and deliberate structure. The light that permeates brightness from the first encounter to a hundredth. The work shows well here and now to the viewer who engages. The viewer that can see beyond what pre-indoctrination dictates as to what is and isn’t popular.

Open up by sharing your thoughts, dig deep… “Entrancement” gives off a somewhat mystical energy when seen in person, but amazingly it does a pretty good job through the glass of a mobile phone. It will be interesting to see what happens when I print the posters. It will be what it will be.