Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines Rod Jones Artist

Blurred Lines

Oil on Canvas

My painting entitled Blurred Lines is not some artsy metaphorical jargon that seems to be the only way initiates can concoct meaningful and somewhat literate words to describe art, and yes I have been guilty on more than one occasion of implementing my own verbosity.

Like in the above paragraph… I set the scene in this work of art to be contrary. The work is not logically acceptable, in fact, for some it’s deeply disturbing, causing the viewer to search for a metaphorical and rational point of view, but you may be surprised to discover it’s actually deeply meditative.

My art is often perceived as being visually disruptive and I accept that, for one to be original in today’s art world you must follow your own creative manifestations. I learned early on that the end of your creative talent is near when you create for the expectations of others.

The painting Blurred Lines is not a placeholder for ponderings surrounded by casual conversations.

I boldly dare you to dwell… look for a meaningful message, it’s there for the one who can see from within, unabridged by preconceived notions. The art is not metaphysical by any sense of the word, it’s a compendium of visual thoughts created to be a visual stimulus that refocuses the mind in a Non-Objective way.

This painting adapts itself to the environment it’s in,  if you view the work from different directions it changes depth and color.