Rabbit Warren

Rabbit Warren Rod Jones Artist

Rabbit Warren
Oil on Canvas

There once was a rabbit named Delbert Dashiell Cavanagh, who just happened to be a distant relative to Mr. Peter Rabbit which was not particularly uncommon in their families. Delbert was a bit of a gadfly to most of his acquaintances, it was often said, when he wasn’t present that is, that he must have a charmed soul, for Delbert Dashiell Cavanagh was baffling to virtually all. For this fur coated hopper was quite interesting to watch, his mannerisms could be downright mesmerizing. Colorful and with interesting depth he could almost be an immortal shape shifter.

Scampering about for all to see, but not to see. A dilettantish maverick and no doubt unequivocably cursed with idiosyncrasies likened to an abstract painting.
So where does such a whimsical spirit hunker down you ask? In a Rabbit Warren of course. With escape routes in every direction to avoid the inevitable challenges of life, all the while feeling the warm rays of the sun traveling through blue sky and penetrating the freshly churned earthly soil. Only an artist could create such an imaginary gleeful rapture, inconsequential of plausible coherence… but for most just plain old loopy, daffy, kooky, but amusing creativity.