Are Artists Scared?

Are Artist Scared? | Rod Jones Artist

It might depend upon where you create from. You tell me; fallible are infallible. You chase a reward that is driven by self talk that can become overwhelmingly negative. The world is a mess, and there is no denying the contrary philosophies that led us to this day. News shares visions that would affright anyone.

Is the act of creativity itself frightening? You may think it’s disquieting, but in truth the act of creativity in solacing to the spirit and soul of those who aspire. Endeavoring to replace fear with a practical practice is the antidote. Creativity has its own spirit guide, unrivaled by external influences.

“Thought is the generator of creativity. Take the time to find solacement in peaceful thinking. You will then understand just how powerful the mind can be when it comes to generating creativity. ”

Rod Jones Artist

Self-directed thoughts on your own creativity shepherds in courage and determination, fear cannot endure. When one adheres to one’s creative stamina, you will witness your anxieties falling into an abyss of unproductive thinking.

No creative person can shutter out the negative influences that invariably bring on a whole host of anxieties. The trap that brings on self doubt happily resides in all of us. The trap that is so immeshing lives outside of our thoughts, until we open the door and let it in, and then all hell breaks loose. Scarednesses become audacious in their ability to smother your creative thinking.

During this smothering of your creative freedom, it’s best to develop self designed strategies to overcome being scared. It’s a vulnerable space that needs to be replaced with armor; an armor shielding that precious inner spirit where all creativity is birthed. A natural and effervescent free-spirited flowing of positive energy, that conveys brilliant thoughts translatable to an artist’s canvas or any other creative medium you choose.

Are artists truly scared? Scared to create, scared to be criticized, scared the creative muse will never return. Maybe they like to think they are artists, but they are scared that no one else can see or appreciate their innate talent. How about you wake up one day with not a single creative thought or idea. Another fear is that you won’t have the tools necessary to create or a place to use those materials necessary to create your vision and masterpieces.

The item that is rarely mentioned but is probably the most pervasive fear all creative people wrestle with, is the fear of success. Yes; people will make all kinds of excuses to justify not pursuing their dreams. The act of creativity requires action, and lots of it. It’s scary to commit: you have to depend upon 100% of your own initiative; no one else can do it for you. “But what if I fail?” There is one known fact: if you don’t try and give it your all… you will fail. A scary thought! You must resolve your thoughts to an unfettered commitment to avoiding this negative outcome.

How to become un-scared, if you’re brave enough to admit that you might be scared. Then may I suggest the three following strategies.

  1. Understand that you’re not alone, even the bravest amongst us have self-doubts. Some have become masters at glossing over or hiding their deep-seated feelings about their own creativity. Give yourself a break: you will feel insecure and that’s okay. We all can become less insecure when we immerse ourselves in the act of creativity. The more you create the more you achieve and the better you will feel.


  1. Read about the lives of successful people the old adage that “success breeds success” is a good starting point. Walk away from critical and negative people, they’re trying to overcome their own issues and take great joy in dumping their baggage on you. Just as “success breeds success.” “Misery breeds more misery.” Creative people need to stay focused and again, the more you create the more focused you become.


  1. Compete? Only compete with yourself. In the beginning it may be difficult to understand that you are your own art world. Consider that creativity is housed in an abundance of possibilities flowing through your mind; and your mind alone. A positive mind looks for positive outcomes, a creative mind looks for, and embraces creative energy. Be joyful in everything you create. It’s a gift that will keep on giving if you take the time to nurture it.

There certainly is a lot to be scared about with what’s going on in the world today, and most of us have little or no control as to what the ultimate outcome will be. Dwell not… Keep the faith: everything happens for a reason. I know it’s easy to say, and it’s hard to adjust and follow. There is one thing you can do. Find joy in your creativity and understand that artists for the most part are not scared. Creativity may be an escape from a troubled reality, but just a little piece inside your soul can make life’s difficulties much more tolerable. “Are artists scared?” I fervently believe the true answer for those that have learned to embrace their creative talents, is: an emphatic NO! They are not scared.