You’re Here Right This Very Moment

This Moment Rod Jones Artist

This Moment

I’m fascinated with time; perhaps because, as I moved aggressively past the mid- century point; well, way past, as many of my high school Facebook friends will quickly point out and they may be forgetting they are in the same “yacht” I mean boat, depending on their candid self reflections. For some, time moves painfully slow; like a child waiting for Christmas, for that matter, me waiting for the most Holy of Holidays. Remember; “while visions of sugar plums danc’d in their heads,” which may be code words for, imagining the discoveries in wonderfully wrapped gifts. Then there’s those who want time to crawl, or even stop; a “Twilight Zone” moment. If you have lived on the planet for a smidgeon of time, like 50 years or so, no further discussion warranted… Being conscious of time, looking forward, or the stress trap, of looking sternward is not incidental to happiness. “You become what you think about all day long.” Old wiseness, but still relevant. Maybe you want more time, maybe you need less, (not likely) in sports, the time clock is often the arbiter, less time you hold onto your lead, more time your opponent can surpass. ‘Running out the clock’  is your clue to head out to the parking lot.

Below may surprise you, this is what I do to keep my time sanity. A discovery, hatched while painting.

You’re  here, right this very moment: aren’t you? Yes of course you are, by choice. Break this time down to less than a minute, now to a handful of seconds. Now to one second, two at the most. What can you think of in such a minuscule amount of time? You can become peacefully self aware. It’s not a meditation, far from it. It’s the stillest-still you can embrace; you become the sum of time; your time; time is your essence. Without becoming to zen or hypnotic, think peacefully, one with you. No one else’s thought can enter this protected space. If you make it through this time portal you will see the meaning of your quintessence, virtue and charity will be in reach, maybe imaginativenesses. You’re here right this very moment… and the answer to your question is… “Yes” or “No” or,  look for it in your inner future, after all time is a wonderful dimension.