When Art Has No Boundaries

When Art Has No Boundaries: A wandering creative mind is relentlessly searching subconsciously for originality in any form that will manifest itself onto the artist’s canvas.

In this artwork I named Magnitude, there is an obvious intersection that draws the viewer in. From there all bets are off. Intentionally unpredictable by drawing the eye to the diagonal in the lower right corner. The whole composition has a mesmerizing background, intended to force a dimensional effect that conjures up no particular rhyme or reason.

Abstract art if studied properly communicates on many levels in our minds, both consciously and subconsciously. It inevitably gains no particular reality, but it does gain the opportunity to practice philosophy.

The story unfolds. It is shepherded by the most powerful of all of our senses and that would be vision. Fortunately for people that are creative and for those who embrace creativity, there are two types of vision one is outer vision what you see. Then there is inner vision, the beautiful thing about this form of vision is the fact that it connects emotionally. All of our senses impact us emotionally. All art by its very nature is given the opportunity to impact the emotions that are deeply felt or surface-ley felt in all of us.

Your story that you develop inside your own thoughts and how you express those in the form of ideas regarding this work of art become your creative property. I appreciate that you have the ability to do with those interpretations as your will dictates. Give it a go, let’s see what you see. Express it openly and honestly. I would love to know your thoughts.

“I don’t know if the brush follows me or I follow it. Either way, it seems to engage itself to the

colors anchored on my palette.”


Rod Jones Artist-Writer