Valley of the Green Ghosts

Valley of the Green Ghosts Rod Jones Artist

Valley of the Green Ghosts

Size (h w d): 36 x 36 x 0.75 in

Medium: oil on canvas

Description: On many walks through the forest, especially when all is still and nary a bird can be heard. The trees all of which possess a unique spiritual signature give way to a faint but detectable glow emitting a subtle but ever pulsating green energy. In the vibe you are witnessing one of nature’s most revered secrets. The energy most common in nature, but so often missed by society. Even as the seasons change and summer yields to fall and winter is afoot, the evergreens of the forest remain as the sentinels and protectors of nature’s secret glow.

This painting represents a venture into the mind where nothing is real or false. The shapes found their way onto the canvas, buttressed by a complex background giving just the right amount of depth and a playground for the eye’s delight. When you explore this work and think about your experiences in nature, you can interpret and manage your own visual story to appease the mind.