The Workability of Abstract Art on the Mind

The Workability of Abstract Art on the Mind: When it comes to the practicality of abstract art, it’s truly impractical and nonverbal. To most of humanity, it lacks the charm to captivate.

Why is this painting a “now painting for the mind?” It’s nonsensical but it possesses a peculiar way of drawing you in. Visually it’s exploratory and desperately wants a story that will calm the viewer’s mind and bring a rational logic to ease random and non-connectable thoughts and ideas.

The story: I the artist, through a captivating dream, approached the empty white canvas with trepidation. A personal tremor and pattern of abstract thinking that begs to be revealed in a real world. Which ultimately means, oil paint makes shapes when skillfully applied with the right brush. In the beginning, there is no real rhyme or reason. Each color applied to the canvas asks to be joined in a community. All the elements plead to be harmonious with each other.

The explanation: What do you expect from an abstract work of art? Rhyme and reason? Forget it, it’s not in its nature. It can only do one thing and that’s a playful engagement that deceitfully amuses, but in reality, it triggers our minds to visually frustrate all logic.

If you were to live with this painting for a period of time what do you think would happen? As the artist, I can only guess. I do know one thing it will toy with your thoughts every time you stare at it for a meaningful amount of time. Surprisingly you will start to look inward, forcing you into a meditative and imaginative journey that if the painting is doing its job abstractly the mind will travel outside of its contemporary self into a magical realism that only you will ever see.

“After I completed the work of art. I realized it gave itself its own narrative, I could contribute no more.”

Rod Jones Artist-Writer