The Story of Real

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the Story of Real: If Real were a character, what would it be? A happenstance? Perhaps a chance-in-stance? There is the old standby… kismet. Which equals fate in anybody’s language.

Margaret MacDonald; by this stage of her life was virtually called by everyone she knew plane old Meg. Every once in a while she would think back on her high school days, when everyone called her, “Meg McMuffin.” Which she did not necessarily mind, because she was very much aware of some of the not so nice handles that were thrust upon others in her school.

The weekend was but a day away. Meg had Saturday and Sunday off from her usual duties of being a checker at Safeway. That morning while she was having her coffee, she read an article in the Union Tribune on how the team members of the San Diego Padres would be staging a meet and greet at the Embarcadero along the wharf.

“I need to meet some new people, and I certainly would like to attract a new man in my life.” Which seemed to be a reoccurring mantra in Meg’s mind.

It wasn’t uncommon for Meg to run into potential boyfriends wherever she went. Her overall attractiveness with her blonde hair shapely figure, and her unique shade of blue eyes, insured the fact that she would be approached. This time, for no definable reason she had the idea it would be nice to meet and date, and maybe marry a baseball player.

Did Meg achieve her objective? Did preparation or desperation meet opportunity? Was it meant to be? Is this a real story? We as humans fantasize about all kinds of outcomes in our daily lives. Some days we may be seeking fame and fortune, on other days we’re just hoping to get home, eat some dinner and watch TV. No life absolves itself without some sort of a mental plan in the work of thinking.

“The journey of love travels many roads

to reach its destination.” – Rod Jones Artist 

The story of real is a daydream. “Warning” our outcomes may vary. Should you hope for a predestination or leave it to destiny. We all venture into the mind’s wilderness and more often than not, that wilderness is scattered by urging thoughts. The aftereffects are consequences that surely rely on hope and the charity of fate.

“A dream is a story looking for a

favorable occurrence.” Rod Jones Artist 

Step into what’s real. Make your own predictions, will it be your heart’s desire? Does that desire come with a price tag, neatly packaged in the word commitment? How many, “I want’s” will you ever get? The calculations are not in yours or mines favor.

The desires of the heart rarely play nice with the desires of logical thinking. We want, we must have, and we deserve: maybe! The story has been told countless times through every century. Kings want, Queens want, the cobbler wants. What fateful destiny brings on the reward? Is it our imagination that makes us desire? Is it a greedy motivation that is hidden in every one of us? The story of real is a mirror on the wall of our thoughts. We metaphorically stand in front of that mirror every day, as if there was a foretelling of fruitful developments, showing us the way to our inward and outward desires.

Did Meg’s weekend vision come true? Did she meet the baseball player who would eventually become a devoted husband; after all this was ‘the story of real’ that she often rehearsed, time after time, year after year, disappointment after disappointment. Does her story have a happy ending? I do not know for sure. But she has the company of every man and woman on the planet who has perpetually prayed and sought out a custom kismet, no off-the-shelf kismet will ever do, no matter how seductive and practical they may be, or look. Only the kismet that meets all of our desires and one that is filled with surprises.

Meg had a destination. Aphrodite intervened. At the time San Diego was very much a Navy town. Smaller Navy vessels would berth at a peer at the foot of Broadway. A young attractive woman, actually she was more of a girl at the time. Stood watching various people lobbying for autographs from the better-known players of the Padres baseball team. As luck would have it, or better yet as fate would dictate, under the guidance of the goddess of love. A good-looking young sailor dressed in his whites (summer uniform) walked up to Mag and asked her, “What’s going on here? Who are all these guys? it looks like a baseball team.”

“It’s the players from the San Diego Padres baseball team.” Meg replied.

“What are you doing here? Are you some sort of groupie?” The sailor jokingly said in a very flirtatious manner.

“No I am not!” I just happen to be downtown and I was curious what was going on and what was all the commotion about, so I walked over here to see.”

You pretty much can figure out what happened next, it wasn’t long before the sailor and Meg discovered that they were both from the town of Novato, California, in fact they went to the San Marin High School. He graduated two years before her and joined the Navy. She moved to San Diego where she got a job with Safeway grocery stores.

You may have guessed: chemistry, familiarity with where they grew up, and a little bit, but not too much encouragement from Cupid, created the destiny they both had been seeking. The one they manifested inside their hearts which for them became the story of real.

“The story of romance is embraced by

the sight of thought.” Rod Jones Artist 

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