The Lawrence Tree

The Lawrence Tree Rod Jones Artist

The Lawrence Tree

Size: 36 x 48 in

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Description: D.H Lawrence and Frieda Lawrence lived in a cabin near the tree, where Lawrence sat on an old wooden bench and wrote on a makeshift table. No doubt the environment became a great source of inspiration.

“The big tree in the front of the house, standing still and unconcerned and alive…The overshadowing tree who’s green top one never looks at…one goes out of the door and the tree-trunk is there like a guardian angel. The tree-trunk, the long work table and the fence.” D.H. Lawrence

The Lawrence Tree is at the D.H. Lawrence Ranch in Taos, New Mexico. The tree has been photographed more often than painted. But most famously painted by Georgia O’Keefe in 1929.

If only trees could talk. Some of which have inspired history. This painting is my interpretation of the Lawrence Tree. My studio is in a forest so I have a spiritual acquaintance with the living personhood of trees.