Red Tree Between Two Rivers

Red Tree Between Two Rivers Rod Jones Artist

Red Tree Between Two Rivers

Size: 36 x 36 x 0.75 in

Medium: oil on canvas

Description:Recently a patron commented, “Your work is intensely original.” This painting entitled – Red Tree Between Two Rivers – could easily boast a best originality award.

A palette knife and a 225 ml tube of Old Holland Schevenings Rood Light created the centerpiece of the work. Randomly sculpted juxtaposition of palette strokes revealed a textural red tree that begged for a blue sky and some terra firma (green) to sink its roots into. To frame the tree I added two rivers to keep the whole scene a bit animated and quenched. Incorporating a fan brush for the final element denotes wind or a strong breeze in the painting. The rivers have outward banks to give some boundary and force the viewer back to the pictorial scene.
I stick by my own mantra of never approaching the canvas with a preconceived notion, this painting is truly Receptive Abstract Patternism. The story I just shared regarding what the painting represents was purely made up after it was completed. I will admit…that adding the green on the bottom was the genesis of the red tree. But the blue sky was just a fluke of composition. Enjoy this work and explore others. If you ever want a detailed explanation of what was going on inside my head, you are welcome to ask. But I may not be able to articulate any clear ideas.
This is an outstanding example of a painting you should view in-person.