Quarry Rod Jones Artist

Size: 24” x 30” x 1.5”
Oil on Canvas

After the creation of this painting I found myself thinking of the movie Fountainhead from the book by Ayn Rand, especially the scene where Gary Cooper is working in the quarry. It would not be too much of a stretch to associate the geometric shapes in this painting with some type of quarry, especially because the shapes are irregular and they repeat themselves. The intense red and the chaos of the background moved my thinking more towards a biblical rendition of Salvador Dali’s “Vision of Hell” painting… or as I like to call it pass the escargot please!
For me one of the most wonderful things about the painting is how many ways it can be interpreted. I never start out a painting with any real preconceived strategy I simply create a background and once it’s dried my subconscious mind kicks in thoughts moving along at a somewhat consistent gate or trot and before even I the artist becomes aware the imagery appears and I must’ve admit, even I am somewhat surprised it becomes even more interesting. If I store the painting for a while and then revisit the work I barely remember it at all or how or why I created it. It becomes a surprise to me almost like opening a present on Christmas morning.

Art is always open to interpretation and I am happy to contribute to that notion. After all it creates jobs for those that write about art and especially for the art critic, without art they would not have anything to critique and show off their prodigious and somewhat pretentious vocabulary. “Try as I must… I find language and logic have their limitations when it comes to describing my art” Rod Jones Artist