Kingdom of Trees

Kingdom of Trees Rod Jones Artist

Kingdom of Trees:  I live in the kingdom of trees— they bristle with their life giving, seeded golden cones. One by one they pierce the sky above; all the while covering the earth with nurturing shade and giving composting residue from their shedding seasons.

My breathing is deep and filled with generous amounts of tree scrubbed, pure clean air. The forests of trees embrace the gentle zephyrs and delights in the winds through time; sincerely spreading their pollen and seeds, giving life to a forest that is a nurturing habitat to man and its animal dwellers.

The forest became my cradle keeper. The first light of day bathed the treetops. I stared way above the common— my eyes delivered their lavish shades of green to my innocent thoughts. My delicate ears rejoiced in the harmonies of every benevolent sound the trees passively   shared.

My tree kingdom fashioned a nurturing virtue I carry with me through the mercurial days of life.  The density, stability and dominion of a tract of wooded land became my faithful shepherd giving me empathy and communion for my soul. 

Earthbound; not celestial— my character is in a fashion of peaceful companionship with my earliest visions and thoughts. A child of wonder was in charge of my cradle, surrounded by single trees intertwined in a root filled soil that nourished first visions of my life as it was destined to mature and be.

Deep in the forest of innocence lays a cleansing angel. Standing amongst the tall. Ready to guide any and all.