Go to your ego: is it all about you?

Ego | Rod Jones Artist

Go to your ego: is it all about you? Well maybe it is, at the very least it has much to do with your self-esteem. Your conscious reality seems to function when you’re being creative in your thoughts. Your perceptions and your adaptations are reflected in the outcomes you see before you, justifying pridefulness. None of this defines you as being egocentrically inclined. Every thought you have and especially creative thoughts are imagined from the perspective of ego. It’s nearly impossible to think about something creatively without reflecting on the idea, “Will it make me look good?” Your ego wants to know.

All art is connected to ego; it was clearly demonstrated when Michelangelo spent 18 hours a day, seven days a week, for four years, painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It would be difficult to find any other reason you would make such a commitment it certainly wasn’t for the money. He knew that this formidable undertaking would create a statement about him as a brilliantly talented artist. And his work of art would stand the test of time. His ego told him he would receive adulation long after he was gone. The Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo are synonymous. What is the driving force that each of us possess, other than ego, would cause someone to make such a commitment.

In the world today, as it probably has been since the birth of man, ego has played a part in just about every decision ever made. We all hide behind other words for justification, but once you scrape away all the terms, that are conveniently used to rationalize virtually everything we do—it always gets down to our egos. More often than not, that ego is asking, what’s in it for me or mine?

Is ego an ugly word or thing? It certainly has been used as a tool to assassinate people’s character. “That guy sure has a big ego.” Or… “Her ego goes way beyond her capacity to be anything other than self absorbed.” There are a thousand cutting remarks hurled at people, most often behind their backs, about their inflated egos, always delivered with a tremendous amount of condescension. The ego that lives inside us doesn’t see it that way, there’s always a justification for our inward and outward projections, of how we see ourselves. It may be distasteful to others, but it truly is the nature of our psychology.

Where would creativity be without a healthy sprinkling of one’s ego? Egocentrically speaking, nowhere. There is a driving force behind all creations. Whatever man creates, he or she wants credit for it. It’s written in our DNA and it is spelled out in three simple letters, E G O. The gestation of an ego driven creative thought, can happen in no more than a millisecond, or as most often the case, it can take days and days, even longer.

Go to your ego, that’s where you will discover the physical and emotional drive to make things happen. Risk and reward are the best two companions our egos have. Set your sights high or set your sights low, the course you take will be measured by your egotism. Humbleness and modesty may be showy, but they’re used to mask vainness. No one wants to outwardly show the world their swell headedness.

No two egos are like. Some are overly inflated, others are hidden in a demure shyness. Many people gauge their egos with unpredictable and unreliable self editing, re-adjusting so as not to appear overly confident and egotistical. That which goes on and on in our minds, sometimes creates a conflict where battle lines are drawn between our pride driven egos, and the heavenly desires to be graceful, and especially to give the appearance of being noble. Right people never want to, or at least should, never want to burden others with the divinity of their own egos. 

The most advantageous and precious tool creative people have, is their healthy use of their God-given egos. Self-effacing may look good to some on the outside, but if you want to achieve your creative goals then it’s wise to learn how to adopt self-assuredness. Our egos force us not to give up easily, even when things look impossible, a healthy ego makes us trudge on. Inwardly encouraged by self trust, self pride and self worth, gets the creative job done.

Boastfulness, when reasonable and justifiable, allows pride to shine in every creative accomplishment. No one can honestly judge success negatively by firing off snobbish remarks trying to sabotage other people’s healthy and productive egos. Your ego is the antithesis of the insecurities that plague us all, and have a ruinous and ravaging affect on originality. A healthy ego sets our minds on the right path to creative freedom of authentic thoughts.

Get to know your ego and then, go to your ego for a little self aggrandizing, no one outside of you will ever know, because it is safely nestled in your conscious and subconscious mind. There it can remind you of your ego ideals. The place where no one can pounce upon you with their negativity. The passions and the driving force behind yours and everyone’s creativity, rests within your polished ego. that drives habitual and cultivated natural creative thinking.