Get Lost!… In The Splattering of Thoughts

Get Lost!… In The Splattering of Thoughts: There’s a mesmerizing spell in this work of art. Was it intentional? Or… like most works of abstract art, there often appears to be an encapsulated element that helps express the main idea of the painting. Sometimes a well organized set of brushstrokes can do the job. In this work I decided to create a splattering scream. It has a remarkable presence, and demands visual attention. Is it essential? I leave that up to the viewer.

Getting lost in a somewhat captivating component of any work of art, is often alluring, rarely does it disarm the viewer away from investigative thinking. Thoughts that are conjectural.

A genuine nonobjective work of art has to try and persuade the viewer to build their own visual story. In order to accomplish this, it requires two forms of thinking. Initially what the original intention of the artist was, and secondly, what the viewer imagines.

The best way to express any thought or idea, is to create a story. Or at the very least allow the individual to craft their own, which invariably are way more imaginative.

What story would you create regarding this painting? I would be honored to know.

“When I actually stopped to think, the vision alone spoke to me with a story filled with imaginary events.”


Rod Jones Artist