Film Noir Acquisition

Film Noir Acquisition - Rod Jones Artist

Film Noir AcquisitionIt has the title, Film Noir. What do you see? A type of crime film featuring cynical malevolent characters in a sleazy setting? Perhaps a futuristic gateway.

Well, when I made this painting, there was no real thought as to the title. Like most of my art it evolves as a series of squares, rectangles juxtaposed. Color selection is always evident as to set the tone or the mood. Never really trying to tell a story, but always looking for ways to go deeper into the subject purely directed by inner thoughts. I never, or at least almost never depend upon outside inspiration. It’s my feeling that if I can’t come up with something original from my thoughts or emotions then it’s just a copy of life in the outside world.

This work of art has a meditative quality, but it also likes to play tricks on your mind. There are obvious passageways, but where did they lead to?

The original painting Film Noir is available, there have been numerous posters and prints made. If this original work of art should find its way into your personal art collection you will celebrate your acquisition for years to come. 

Let me know your thoughts.

“I think part of any kind helps us build the impressions we need to support our sanity.”


Rod Jones artist