Delft Blue

Delft Blue Rod Jones Artist

Delft Blue

Oil on Canvas

16” x 20”

Blue is a most descriptive color. We can feel blue, a blue funk. We can be blue with cold. Blue laws. A blue Sunday city.

Blue in the face. Things looked blue, blue banter. Jazz blues. Blue skies, and blue eyes, and maybe blue hair. I suspect you can come up with a whole bunch more.

The Delft Blue painting is all about blue. The work almost always evokes an emotional response. Depending upon your knowledge of such things you may zero in on Delft pottery, plates, tiles, which is comforting and pleasing to the eye and hand.

The painting Delft Blue is my Receptive Abstract Patternism doing its job. It can deliver meditative thoughts, where words can tread, but often fall short.

The casual onlooker will see pretty— The intellectual will look for the equation— The art aficionado will masterfully come up with descriptive lingo— The art novice will simply say “what is it supposed to be”. The spiritually connected will travel through space and time— The clairvoyant… well who knows what they will see.

Interpret what you see, it’s free from judgments. There’s no right; there’s no wrong. Dwell for a time in the space of visual connectivity; your mind will do the rest.

“ To evoke emotion with art,  is the parlance of its creator.”