Creativity has its Own Spirit Guide

Creativity has its Own Spirit Guide | Rod Jones Artist

Who’s to say if this is true or not. But you might ask yourself where does your creativity come from? Were you born creative? Did your creativity show up one day when you reached a certain maturity? Did you think to yourself that you’ve always been a creative person; but family members and others told you to forget it. Or maybe you just don’t listen to, or trust that small voice inside you. That ever present knotting inside your stomach that’s been trying to tell you to get off of your keister, and make some effort to fulfill those creative urges.

It doesn’t much really matter what creative outlet you choose, and there are plenty to choose from. You should be getting and heeding that instinctive guidance from within. You just need to take the time to listen. All the creative words and encouragements that have ever been espoused or said throughout all of time, are literally there for you to pick, choose and relish from. Make an effort, listen closely. I can assure you at first you will be overwhelmed and confused. Negative thoughts generally overpower positive thoughts, and for some reason they seem to be particularly mischievous towards creative thoughts.

Creative people have an obligation to themselves and perhaps even to mankind, to express their creativity in positive wholesome ways. It isn’t always easy. Just remember you’re being put upon by that sheltered, deep-rooted voice from within. What will happen if you don’t listen, you don’t take action, you sit on the sidelines, never jumping into the creative game. It most assuredly will become a nemesis: an albatross around your neck. Avoidance becomes depleting, it saps energy and contaminates your spirit.

If you’re reading this, you generally know if you have been in a perpetual creative denial. But hopefully, you’re asking yourself some questions. “Am I selling myself short by not exploring every creative opportunity that has come my way, through my entire lifetime.” What if you changed yourself, questioning and searching for your true feelings. I bet your self-discovery would bring thoughts and ideas that you have been squelching, for who knows how long. One might just guess, that with a little self evaluation, you probably would know just how long you have been in a sad pressure mode.

The trick in all of this, if there is a trick, don’t give yourself permission to give up, and chase away those dreams and those outcomes that you are subliminally being guided towards. It may surprise you to learn that virtually every human being is capable of being immensely creative, and just about everything they do in life, especially if it’s honest and of good report has profound creative potential.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with very creative people, in fact highly accomplished creative people, and I discovered there is something they all seem to have in common. What do you think that might be? Well I’m happy to share with you, they all have managed to connect with their own unique spirit guide. Creativity has its own spirit guide outside of one’s usual self talk, or exposure to the cares of the world. Everyone from the minute they wake up in the morning until they lay their head down on their pillow at night, deals and deals with a whole lot of stuff. Some of this stuff is productive and helpful, a good chunk of it brings on anxiety and a certain amount of mistrust. Interestingly enough, our own spirit guides never really pay much attention to this chattering noise we humans live with. The spirit guide of creativity is always there waiting— hoping that we will push away the mind junk and for lack of a better term: tune in. Once you have managed to psychologically and emotionally connect with this generous guiding spirit, you will begin to gush with supersized physical, and tactile creativity.

Creativity is like illumination in the spiritual sense: you may turn on the light of your own understanding but it helps if you follow the spirit guide that lives within each and every one of us. Embrace this newfound understanding that has been readily available and used by the most creative among us, throughout the ages. You may find it difficult to understand at first, but people in every culture and religion have tuned into this mysterious revelation, of knowing there is a creative spirit guide.

I would love to hear if you are one of those who has mastered the ability to connect with your own spirit guide. You may have another name for it. Often people associate this with their religious faith and I believe that to be a very good thing: and in my way of thinking, that’s where all true creativity comes from, after all the universe is the most prolific creative project, that is almost impossible for man to truly grasp. Look to the stars— feel the energy— surrender your understanding and let the spirit of creativity guide you on an astonishing journey. And again, for lack of any better word, you will be nothing short of emasculate… You can always count on your own spirit guide to be unblemished and untainted by the cares and stresses of your inner world and the life that surrounds you.

Does creativity have its own spirit guide? You may never know unless you challenge yourself to open up and let its energy be channeled and coursed through your mind and interbeing.

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