Creative Voyeurism

Voyeur | Rod Jones Artist

Creative Voyeurism: you can’t look but feel. There’s always something there, defined or undefined. Creativity is like Walt Whitman’s, The Mystic Trumpeter. Creativity brings on sensuous eyes, filled with pageantry, that often brings the voyeur visual charms, and those that can serenade that can your ears. Is creativity delivered by a séance trumpet? In the hidden corners of our minds, creative spiritualists use the palette of thoughts to embed emotions, feasting on colors and words. There’s no locked gate, because the imagination loves the playground, where everything that is real, becomes unreal, no awakened dream state dares to compete.

To see, to hear… Our senses are the channels that make us voyeuristic. We look at art, and we are often embrangled in fascinations with colors, shapes and in many cases the topic itself. We listen to Handel’s Messiah and become seduced by the passage called, The Trumpet Shall Sound. No ear can do it justice, but in a most alluring and charismatic fashion it becomes engaging to the senses, encouraging an audible rendition of voyeurism.

Creativity fills the imagination on a course that has no atmosphere. It peaks into our consciousness unabridged. It’s an apparition shining through the window of our eyes. Leaving its indelible, fanciful mark, which wants to be shared through any and all creative mediums. Your senses are outward bound, but they act as tentacles drawing in a spectral awareness, a presence that is designed to captivate the pleasures in our imaginations.

Creative voyeurism is a coveting talebearer of secret yearnings,  often immersed in insecurity. It wants you to tell all your creative ideas to the uninitiated. Spreading factors of satirical torment, with no intent to hurt or deceive, but to be a catalyst to provoke other mindful shepherds of creativity.

It’s not yours to keep. Voyeuristic thoughts on creativity enter our conscious and follow deliberate phantoms. Constructing structures and concourses, tempting seekers and makers, through a passageway in the mind, where insecurity makes its nest, and fends off every challenge of originality and authenticity.

Be the seeker. Be inward. Be all showing. Be beckoning. Most importantly be summoning of the process of converting everything you see and hear into creative Expressionism. Look at nature, look what man has made artistically. The views are ripples in your subconscious. House them properly, to be brought forth in unbiased voyeuristic-ness.

You may find yourself haunted by the word voyeurism, it shouldn’t be a complex, hoisted on creative people, although at times one would think so. It’s a dexterous tool designed for the imagination, and it can bring clarity of purpose, when we move away from the contrived and learn to embrace our fertile imaginations that want desperately to be original in all of our creative endeavors.

The view of creative voyeurism expressed here, comes with every intention, of giving the mind an exercise, a thinking process that is unfortunately, most often foreign to our everyday thoughts. It’s not meant to be a trick for Halloween. Although who among us isn’t voyeuristic when it comes to looking at the haunting, but enchanting Halloween costumes, that are built from the most inventive of imaginations?

Creativity can be abundantly clear, and deserves to shine in voyeurism. To be seen inwardly and shared around our mental activities. It’s possessed by all, and can never be truly denied, for to do so, would be trading on irrational sensibilities. Try creative voyeurism, it’s the beginning, the middle, and the end of a thought process where fantasies turn into paintings, music, literature, or as I suggest you pick your own voyeuristic creative challenges.