Creative Rambunctiousness

Vicissitude | Rod Jones Artist

Raise some hell…! With the creative tools of your choice. I don’t mean you to become lewd and crude! But maybe it’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Yeah, a drawing of a deer drinking water out of a stream,  a little cabin in the background, with a warm light shining through half steamed up windows, and the predictable puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney, and the most important element of all is the drama and sereneness strategically arranged and elongated in the sky above. I personally like these kinds of paintings, these paintings seem to help everyone conjure up their own ideas of peace and tranquility.

There’s more to life than traditional artistic works of art, and there’s a whole bunch of it out there, but more often than not, it’s not all that original, it’s just people playing follow the follower. But you can certainly admire their skills and techniques. To be willfully unruly while wielding a paintbrush, brimming full of pigment, on an innocent white canvas is impassioned ecstasy. Perfervid, you may ask? Well yes, it does take some organizational skills. Smearing color on a canvas, is the cheapest of all art, and I don’t mean monetarily. Originality; and of course the trendy word to use, “authenticity” is perhaps the sign leading to some form of sophistication in a work of art.

High-spiritedness is a key ingredient. But it does not make up for the lack of skill when it comes to being creative. When all forces willfully come together; rollicking art soars. Never let it be said that a great work of art, especially abstract art, only took minutes to create. It may have taken a quarter, a half, or a full lifetime of experience to make those simple brush strokes and color narrative— to be worth big dollars at auction.

Creativity is always being judged especially if you’re the kind of artist that desperately needs the approval of others. There’s a reason, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” merits so much attention in the Bible. As in life, and especially in the lives of us creative people, it might be wise just to compete against ourselves, and not be so judgmental of others.

If this sounds like a sermon, it’s not, for I have been guilty of this offense. Maturity has brought on a clear vision of what it means to be creative. It’s a self-imposed isolation from influences especially the ones outside of our control. Look for… and look forward to… being creatively rambunctious, when it comes to your own perceptions, thoughts and ideas that come from your ‘innermost’ that love to play in the light of day. The challenge is to be free of the tempestuous burdens of life, and let the innocence and high spiritedness of your soul’s heart be in charge.

Can creativity be rambunctious or does it need to be orderly? Or is it like a carnival in your mind? I think it can be a little bit of both, one seems to feed off of the other. If you don’t feel rambunctious about your creativity, then you may be in need of some vitalizing nutrition to pep you up. There’s no real comfort in our self indulgent comfort zone. In fact, you may be penalizing the free flow of originality. Aloofness is another trap, that can make you indifferent and detached, damning the flow of; dare I say it again, ‘authenticity.’

Rambunctiousness in the mind of a creative person, is composed of impassioned free-flowing thinking. This concept, just might be the catalyst to every creative outcome, rather it be an artistic one or not. ‘Judge Not’ your own “Creative Rambunctiousness.”