Blissful Rhapsody

Blissful Rhapsody: Emotional yet elusively quaint. You can see the improvisation of my usual idiosyncratic approach to my paintings. No two are alike, but yet they are held together by a common theme.

Open to Interpretation: All abstract works of art beg for disentanglement. The elusive justification and rationalization can rarely be found. That’s what makes it so damn intriguing. Plus, from my perspective… incredibly fun.

The Unscrambling: When you view this painting, especially in real life you will discover that you are being roped in. There’s a visual trap not so purposely constructed, but it manages to captivate even the most critical viewer. 

Blissful Rhapsody: Is it for you? Or is it not? Let your visual thoughts be the Orbiter Dictum! (An incidental remark or observation.) You are now the person who can give this work of art a final name. Plus, your interpretation could be for all to ponder.

“To actually feel what you see is receptively sensual. It’s an agreeable indulgence worth experiencing.”


Rod Jones Artist-writer