Art Has a Pulse

Art Has a Pulse | Rod Jones Artist

Art Has a Pulse

It may be true that anything created by man that is tactile, retains a certain pulse energy from its creator. Most likely, it’s imperceptible to the casual observer. The very fabric of the universe and all of the associated energies, known and unknown, presents a formidable pulse. When we think of a pulse, we generally think of our own pulse rate. But there is pulse energy.

Everything is made up of atoms, including paintings and everything that goes into creating one. Everything that is creatively created, has a whole bunch of atoms, and all the little components that help them form. Remember humans are made up of atoms. The question is, are they transferred to objects that we create. I’ve heard other people standing next to me in museums blurt out: “Feel the energy.” I have on numerous occasions, read about the idea, that certain paintings give off energy. Sometimes this energy is only felt by a handful of people. In other cases paintings have been known to fill a room with the energy they emit.

Could it be that this energy that generally starts by visual observations, has an underlying reason for connecting to certain individuals? Are these individuals, that pick up on this energy special in any kind of way? Are they Empaths that can tune into pulse waves that were promulgated by the artist’s own pulse? Every serious artist knows how much energy goes into creating a painting; and some of it, perhaps a lot of it, is physical. The true creative component is generated by unabridged creative thoughts, that are flowing through to the canvas, or sculpture, or any other artistic medium you can think of from its creator.

Paintings should not only be seen but they should be touched, and not just for their texturalness, but to connect the viewer’s pulse to that of the artist. Like people, no two paintings are alike, and the pulse-like energy these works of art love to share, can easily be tuned into. Give it a try.

Many of the handmade creations made by humans give off pulse energy. I have an example I would like to share. Several years ago long after my grandmother’s passing we were given a hand crocheted table covering she made with her own hands. It was rather large and could cover a good sized table. The detail in the design and handwork was and is, exceptionally beautiful. My grandmother lived on a farm. I spent my summers there and I never saw her do any of this kind of work. I suspect this is what she did during the long winter months when they pretty much stayed indoors. The harvesting and most of the usual summer and fall domestic chores were completed. I can picture her sitting at the table near the coal fired stove, busily working. I suspect that every bit of needlework was done in a prideful manner. Knowing her as I did, she must’ve been spiritually content and lost in that special solitude where the cares of the world can never find their way.

When I first looked at this wonderful memento of my dear grandmother, I touched it. There was definitely a pulse of energy that I still cannot totally grasp or explain. Of course, loving memories were all aglow in my heart. But I was somewhat surprised by this energy it emitted, I called it her pulse energy that somehow managed to transcend all of time, and presented itself to me so many years later.

It’s difficult sometimes to determine if you are not simply just feeling inspired when you look at art. It’s easy to say; “I can feel the energy, it somehow is coming through to me.” I believe that’s the pulse of its creator. Truly, art can trigger many emotions, some good and some not so good. But there is a potentially unique connection there, and that’s the pulse of its creator.

Art has a pulse — it’s there if you want to connect. Don’t be shy— it’s not all that scary, and it’s actually pretty easy to connect with; once you realize it’s there. A reasonable amount of self talk, or self assurance will start the dynamic in motion. Let me warn you;  don’t overthink this, and whatever you do don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you if at first you don’t make the pulse connection. I won’t tell you it takes a lot of practice, because I really don’t think that’s the case. It’s one of those situations where you don’t know, what you don’t know. Remember it’s tactile to certain degree, at least I believe the initial touch is what ignites the process. You may quickly discover that you don’t actually have to touch the work of art to connect to its signature pulse.

See if art has a pulse. Most people see more than they can imagine. We all have feelings that are all too often muddled in our own misguided perceptions of our lives — past, present and future. Step out of that realm, at least for a moment, clear your thoughts. Reach out spiritually for the pulse that has been transferred through space and time and is ready and most authentically willing to connect with yours. Give and share your pulse energy to everything you create, and maybe someone in the future will reconnect on a level that is never really thought of. I’m referring to the pulse energy that is in us, on us, and around us all.