Thought Row Podcast Story

Thought Row Podcast Story Thought Row Podcast Story with Rod and Inci Jones

Thought Row Podcast Story

Thought Row Podcast Story: I’m Rod Jones, and along with my wife, Inci, we created the Thought Row Podcast. 

We started the development about six months ago. We both had one major goal in mind for the podcast. We wanted the podcast to celebrate what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice.

Inci and I have been married for 30+ years. We both have been blessed with the opportunity to live much of our lives being creative. We are both artists, writers, and photographers. We have been successful marketing consultants. Has it been easy? No, there have been some lean times, but somehow things always seem to work out for the best.

On our creative journey, we discovered that there are millions of creative people in this world. And they have much to say. Through their experiences, successes, and, yes, in some cases, their failures, we can all learn from what they have to share.

The Thought Row Podcast was created as a platform to give these unsung heroes a chance to share their stories. We’ve interviewed people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some of them are experiencing incremental successes, and we celebrate them. Others are moving forward, being creative, even if there is no one there to appreciate the daily effort they put into their creative process. We respectfully celebrate those people equally.

There is an old saying that each man or woman “lives their lives in quiet desperation.” We all know the frustrations of not being recognized for our talents. You can imagine the artist, the writer, the musician, and just about any creative endeavor you can think of, living in obscurity and frustration. We want to give these people a voice.

Many of our guests have achieved creative successes when we discovered them. We reached out and asked them if they wanted to share their story. And greatly to our surprise, they all wanted to pass on the knowledge that they have gained. This became a win-win for everyone involved. The listeners of the Thought Row Podcast, many of them pursuing their own creative dreams, have been loyal listeners and have commented with their own thoughts and ideas about creativity. Both myself and Inci are incredibly grateful for that.

When we say we celebrate what people love to do creatively, we do not just focus on what most of us consider as creative. We know that there are many ways we humans can be creative. It may be a carpenter who fashions a beautiful piece of furniture or maybe a wood sculpture with his own hands. It could be someone who knows how to weld pieces of metal together to make a work of art. Or maybe it’s a seamstress who, in her spare time, makes beautiful quilts. We never judge anyone’s honest chosen method of being creative. We know that humans have demonstrated their ability to create beauty, and some of the earliest examples can be found on the walls of caves. Historically, many artifacts have been found at archaeological sites that clearly show the peoples that lived there were very creative with their minds and hands.

My wife, Inci, has something special to share here, “One of the things that I found most revealing about the people we’ve interviewed on the Thought Row Podcast has been their openness and genuineness. I know Rod, and I love to chat about creativity. But our guests have brought a whole new dimension to the subject. These are passionate people that are loving and kind. They share their journeys of discovery that we all can learn from.” 

Inci and I hope you join us by listening to the podcast. You will have the opportunity to listen to the hearts of some very creative people living in all parts of the world.