The Dream

The Dream Rod Jones Artist

The Dream

Size: 36 x 48 x 0.75 in

Medium: oil on canvas

Description: Reminiscent of a long afternoon nap in the sun. Leaves fluttering overhead in the warm summer breeze, sun dappling through the trees, eyes closed but still seeing the sun’s warm orange rays. Dreamlike, warm, enveloping and replenishing to the soul; fueling the imagination. Fingers of a balmy breeze gently brush the skin to join the concert of the senses.

A conception created by the imagination. It’s not often a painting can bring up such pleasant feelings and memories of summers past and those yet to come.

When viewing this piece think back to a time when you relaxed in the orange glow of the sun and felt the warm and balmy sensations from the summer breeze. A child-like feeling that can last a lifetime.