Rod Jones Artist Studio

Rod Jones Artist Studio

When it comes to an artist’s studio I am proud to say my brushes and I have been eagerly painting here for a little over 10 years . Lake Arrowhead, California is a four season place, with a nice brick fireplace to keep me and my paint warm during the winter snows.

As you view the video you may have a question or two, if that be the case simply DM and I will do my best to answer.

This video shows my main studio area. In the other rooms I have a photography studio where the art is photographed, there is room for painting storage and one more room for storing materials. You can also see more images on the website.
I love to see where people create their art there is something wonderfully personal that often characterizes their creative works .

Art collectors seem to be the most curiously interested, they tell you “I just wanted to see where the art was created” they snoop around, asking interesting and sometimes annoying questions, but I guess we are all voyeuristic when it comes to artists and their creative process.

And we all must admit… when we have a chance to look at photographs of Picasso’s studio we visually explore every square inch hoping to discover the secret to his innate creative success and if you are really daring you can look at photographs of Francis Bacon’s studio…be prepared for an amazing mess.

Welcome to my creative space where the ideas come and go and I can assure you some are way better than others.

So make a space where you can play and create it’s terribly good for the soul and when the conditions are right a phenomenal amount of self gratification and peace comes within.