Rod Jones Artist #HatTip2U

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Why Do I Use the Tipping Hat as My Profile Pic?

The #1 reason it has always reminded me of graciousness and respect. Growing up as I did, I had the opportunity to see many Film Noir movies, along with great American Westerns. As a young boy, like the song goes, my heros have always been Cowboys. Especially the ones that ended up with the beautiful girl at the end of the movie. The properness of a gentleman tipping his hat to a lady or raising his hat in the acknowledgment of another man to me exemplifies class and mutual respect. I chose the more contemporary fedora to tip to all my visitors, viewers and those that know me as an artist.

On a historical note, the fedora goes back to 1891, the name fedora is derived from the Greek work “Theodoros” which literally means “Gift of God”. In the 1950’s you had “Old Blue Eyes”- Frank Sinatra, arguably a class act by anyone’s standard wore a stylish fedora that just seemed to work. It also became the quintessential part of Dallas Cowboys Tom Landry’s trademark image. In addition the Cowboys wore a patch on their uniform during the 2000 season depicting Landry’s Fedora.

Maybe it’s no coincidence that Indiana Jones – no relation – wore a Fedora backed up by a whip. Macho-ness with a manly vulnerability…another class act.

Here’s my cause… #hattip2u with respect to all I meet…maybe we can just all get along if we would show more respect to each other and especially to the fairer sex.

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