Not A Shallow Warning

Not A Shallow Warning Rod Jones Artist

Not A Shallow Warning:

This is not a shallow warning; artists are very creative people and they are overly sensitive to images, or sights. If a creative person happens to be dyslexic, then look out— imagine the bombardment being almost unbearable. Too much visual stimulation is overpowering and literally sucks away creativity, and most importantly originality.

In the background of your thoughts lies an opening to a creative dimension, that I believe needs to be sheltered. During my 18 years of painting, I have become acutely aware that outside influences can take their toll on your authenticity. The most pronounced problem; you start reflecting the visions of other people’s ideas in your work, preventing you from exploring your own originality.

Social media is wonderful in so many ways, I certainly like the dopamine rush I get when I see hundreds of likes and wonderful comments. I have a keen appreciation for all of the amazing talent you see on Instagram, but I only give it a cursory view. I fervently never want to be influenced by what I see in the artworks of others.

Great writers are well aware of this dilemma, if they read the works of Hemingway, Steinbeck, D. H. Lawrence and the poetry of Sylvia Plath, and others, it can greatly influence their writing styles— so they don’t.

You were made to be yourself.  “If you are a cowboy artist, be a cowboy first.”  A good question to ask yourself, what will it take to become originally self aware and not be influenced by others? Embrace the one and only you, and you just might find a deep well of originality and with some luck; authenticity.

“I look – but I do not see.”