Malachite Rod Jones Artist


Size: 24 x 30 x 0.75 in

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Description: It’s important to have colors and images in our lives that help us to energize, calm or nurture our senses. When this painting was completed it exemplified the mineral malachite. The energy which it emits when in a room is one of a lovely stabilizing energy that helps you to feel more balanced emotionally.

Malachite encourages loyalty and faithfulness in all types of relationships, in love, business or friendship. It helps you to open your heart to others and it brings peaceful harmonious energy to all types of relationships.

The mineral malachite is also believed to protect from misfortune and has been used to promote success in business. It also helps to clear the obstructions that may have been holding you back, this can be used to help you to take the right path to change your life.

For all you artists & creative types malachite aids creativity and enhances the development of your intuition.

The malachite green in the painting has just the right amount of gold brush strokes to make it energized.