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Bonne Maman Preserves

Try their fig preserves. My wife loves the 4 Fruit preserves. Daughter loves Raspberry preserves.

The jars come in handy around the studio after you’ve enjoyed their delicious jellies & preserves.

Labels come off easily with a soak in dishwater and they’re ready to use in the studio or anywhere else you need storage.

Absolute Vodka

My wife says I make the best Martini, after taste testing them all our preferred vodka is Absolute. If you like full Vodka flavor Absolute really makes an authentic Martini – shaken or stirred 🙂

Classic FM

The music station I listen to most while I paint. Classic FM is a London based classical station and I listen to it through TuneInRadio App

Here is a direct link to the Classic FM, that also has a link to their app