L’Art De La Mer

L'Art De La Mer - Rod Jones Artist

L’Art De La Mer

Acrylic on Canvas with Copper

The struggle for me is never the sea. You live the way you live, no matter where you stay. Upon the current lays the salt box film reflected in a halcyon of light. Mixed by careful measurers of solace and ambrosia, revealing a peaceful and seduceive nature, yielding to the womb all of life’s creations and mystifications. 

Return to your birth you land wanderers. Fade-away into an abyss of self revolutionary thoughts. Be swept away by the sea serpent angels, that all may be joined under a spraying mist. Wetting our souls, leading us to a utopian haunt, chaotically mourning to each and all to voice pleasure of being just where…

This painting is but a glimpse. You must chart your own creative course. Leaving your land based thoughts behind to become deeply shallow and obscure. Be the helmsman; navigate your vision’s processes of ardent thinking, allowing yourself to carom off of undiscovered shores. 

To see the sea— in all its picturesque performances. The sky, the waves, the surf, the white caps, the sun set, the reflective surfaces, and the depth of the deep, deep blue and green under sea.

We become lost in a fathom of mystical dreams of birth— when we visually meet a work of art inspired by the sea.

Experimental writing to usher in experimental painting.

Rod Jones Artist