Disintegration of Play

Disintegration of Play Rod Jones Artist

Disintegration of Play
Oil on Canvas

Enlivened by disintegration or who knows what’s behind the slivered drapery…
Perhaps a monolithic organization that is disintegrating because they forgot how to play in a tempestuous world. Or maybe it’s just free verse albeit an ambiguous one.
As you stand before this somewhat visually toilsome work of art you can play the art critic or even become that insightful thinker of deep esoteric thoughts by ministering your own nature of things.

When viewing art I dare you to play in the mind’s eye like a kiddo… free of preconceived notions where innocence is precious and most likely the only time in one’s life where cares have no real relevance to being a happy soul. Maybe just maybe this could be your chance to rethink how you see perhaps unblemished and unaffected like a child with the smile and eyes of wonder.

Authentic art reveals… not only the mind of the artist but that of the viewer.
My artistic style can be unsettling for most because it’s difficult for their minds to grasp a picture that they cannot see. Reality is pervasive it’s vertical thinking as opposed to lateral thinking. I do not judge the interpretations of others for me that is their mind at play pushing and pulling thoughts and ideas. ALL GOOD and ALL GOOD.