Communique Rod Jones Artist


Size (h w d): 36 x 36 x 1.5 in

Medium: oil on canvas

A communique from where? Let the viewer interpret the message from within or from without. Perhaps it’s an intriguing code that has yet to be broken from a distant universe.

It’s amazing how common systems for communications have impacted the way we think. Symbols and signs now dictate our behavior. Receptive Abstract Patternism, which is rife with symbols & shapes communicates and/ or conveys subliminal and non-verbal messages. Invariably when I receive interpretive feedback from a collector or a viewer, the dynamic of the art itself takes on new meaning. The above painting has been widely subjugated to opinions and in some cases controversy. Loved or hated, it’s not one that you can walk away from without sharing your thoughts through your own interpretive voice.

I don’t think this work is mesmerizing in the traditional sense. But it seems to force the viewer to ask questions that evade common thought patterns.

From the most senior senior to the most millennial millennial the chasm of interpretations becomes the most revealing. We truly see thoughts that are bound by our history and environments. For me the demography of interpretations blended with a little psychology have triggered further exploration into my self inflicted artistic style, which I dearly relish and I can’t wait to see my own artistic evolution and growth.

“For truly great artists one lifetime is never enough.” ~ Rod Jones Artist