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“When God created nature, art was inevitable.” ~ RJ

“Who divinely guides my brush, it be not me” ~ RJ

“Without color there is no life. Color is the mark that denotes the existence of life as we understand it. If you look, you may find that color has a secret dimension that only allows the favored heart to see. Slow down and witness color, it can add a generous dimension to you soul, spirit and life.” ~ RJ


“Creator of Receptive Abstract Patternism© It took 2 years before I was able to clearly define my style and thanks to my daughter Sierra who helped coin the phrase.” ~ RJ


“Abstract painting involves the interpretation of an image in a way that may only partially connect with reality.” ~ RJ


“I often wonder where reality begins and ends in the mind of the artist that stands before and empty canvas without a preconceived painting in mind. Racing thoughts eventually give way to inspiration which ultimately transcends the creative outcome.” ~ RJ


“Imaginaire, when art and reality diverge.

Philosophically there is no one artist that has developed an all encompassing interpretation of the world of abstract art. Often missed is the visual and spiritual impression this medium conveys. It’s amazing to me how such a simple combination of lines, colors, tones, etc can have so many meanings to so many and leave the viewer drawn apart.” ~ RJ


“Painting is the summation of devout faith although not always Godly. Even though you may love to create the inspirations can be tricky. It’s important to keep your mind as innocent as possible and not be tricked by the baser side of life. Try to avoid all negative influences. Good Luck!”  ~ RJ


“Fiction writer C.M. Curtis after reviewing my art made this interesting observation, ” I am terribly impressed by your art. When I was about 12 years old, I wanted a microscope in the worst way. I got one for Christmas. I used to spend hours looking at things with it. I loved to see the patterns of things that we don’t see with the naked eye. Your art reminds me of that. It’s like you have an inner sight that sees the microscopic fabric of, not only substance, but ideas, thoughts, emotions…essence.”


“Recently a guest asked.. where do you place the first brush stroke on one of your paintings? I had to think for a minute because I generally start with no pre-conceived plan. They just seem to evolve. Of course like any artist I need to establish a  back-plate and build from there. Often the background dictates what follows. My palette evolves with the painting. As Pollock said, “ The painting has a life of its own and I try to let it come through.”


“Consistently the (in person) viewer of one of my works of art turns and looks at me with an expression of welled up emotion. Lets out a sigh, followed by a gasp, and then the comments follow. Some more articulate than others…but for me all fascinating.”